Rebecca Adlington And Mark Foster Fight Live On Air

The Rio Olympic co-hosts are known for their chemistry. But last night, Becky appeared to lose her tempter with flirting partner Mark...

Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster are fast becoming two of our all-time favourites to watch during this year’s Rio Olympics coverage. Mainly because we’re constantly left guessing – are they or aren’t they?!

The speculation first kicked off when Rebecca was caught placing a hand on Mark’s thigh during an interview segment with fellow host Helen Skelton. Saucy. And since then, they’ve done nothing to dampen the rumours.

First, Helen added fuel to the fire by tweeting a picture of her and the rumoured couple and writing ‘#thirdwheel’. Ooooh.

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Then, Mark appeared to acknowledge the coverage over #thighgate by asking Rebecca: ‘Are you holding my leg again?’ the following day, live on TV. Teehee.

However, things took an unexpected turn this morning when 27-year-old swimmer Rebecca appeared to tell Foster to ‘f*** off’. Say whaaaat?!

Let us explain. During the late-night Olympics coverage on the BBC, Becky retaliated after Foster mocked her for ‘only winning a bronze’ at the 2012 London Olympics. Pfft.

And shocked viewers quickly took to Twitter to translate what they just saw.

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mark foster rebecca adlington tweets

Rebecca Adlington shocked viewers with her apparent expletive…

‘More BBC swimming commentary fun. Rebecca Adlington just told Mark Foster to f*** off. Luckily it’s around 3.20am in the UK’, one tweeted.

‘Did Rebecca Adlington just say ‘f*** off’ live on the tele? That’ll be cut from the replays when the easily outraged are awake’, wrote another.

However, after re-playing the clip, others are maintaining she simply said ‘back off’ – much more likely.

Whether it was a real barney or not, we’re still convinced that these two have MEGA chemistry. Bring on tonight’s antics…