Rebecca Adlington Just Touched Mark Foster’s Leg *Again*…

The Olympic swimming events may be over, but rumours about these two certainly aren't

We were all gripped by the swimming events at this year’s Olympic Games – and not just because of the athletes’ talents.

Of course, we were cheering on Team GB all the way. But we were also totally hooked on commentators Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster’s apparent flirting.

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Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster

Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster co-commentated the swimming events with Helen Skelton

If you’ve already forgotten, let us explain. Eagle-eyed viewers found themselves pretty excited when Becky, 27, appeared to stroke Mark’s thigh under the table while live on air last week. Ooh.

However, 46-year-old Mark denied that this meant they were a thing, claiming that ‘thigh-gate’ was simply: ‘Becky [trying to get] my attention either when she has something to say or else she wants me to butt in.’

He later joked about their alleged flirtation when he revealed a fake tattoo of her face on his chest – which she seemed to find incredibly funny.

Hmm. So what have the pair been up to since they jetted back to the UK? We’ve definitely been missing the our our screens, but have they been missing each other?

Well, they actually appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning. And Rebecca hinted that her close friendship with her fellow Olympian had got her into trouble. Eep.

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After placing her hand on Mark’s leg again (WE KNOW), she moved it away and said: ‘Oh, I can’t touch your knee.’

Could this mean she’s been warned against such tactile behaviour?! Presenter Sally Nugent certainly looked a little confused, asking: ‘Sorry, did you just touch his knee?’

Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster

Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster appeared on BBC Breakfast earlier today

However, Mark laughed things off once again, quipping that Rebecca ‘does this kind of thing all the time’ before quickly changing the subject.

Oh, you guys!