Did Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster Just Prove They’re Together?!

So, everyone's going crazy after Rebecca Adlington did *this* to Mark Foster during the Olympic coverage...

You have to admit, it’s pretty hard to not get into the spirit of the Olympics.

It’s not like we’ve already practiced our olympic-torch-walk and placed bets on which country will rack up the most medals or anything… *ahem*.

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And so, as exciting as we’re finding the actual games, we can’t help but get a lil’ bit extra excited over what could possibly be a budding Olympic romance… Lets call it an Olympance, for the sake of festivities and all that.

So, eagle-eyed viewers found themselves a teeny-tiny bit excited when Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington appeared to stroke the thigh of her fellow commentator, Mark Foster, under the table whilst live on air.


Almost immediately, Twitter became strife with excitement over the possible romance- with viewers sharing things such as ‘Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster are definitely having a little holiday romance’.

However, others are more convinced that ‘thigh-gate’ may have actually just been a bit of a misunderstanding- with one user sharing that they weren’t at all convinced by all the speculation of a romantic relationship between the athletes…

And, in all fairness, it could have just been an absent minded and extra-friendly gesture… Either way, we’re pretty happy to have extra reason to keep banging on about the Olympics!

The talk of a potential Olympance (yep, we’re really trying to make ‘Olympance’ happen) comes at the perfect time for Rebecca- with the gold medalist having announced her split from her husband of eighteen months, Harry Needs, back in March.

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In an official statement, the couple confirmed that they had called it quits on their marriage- sharing, ‘it’s after much thought and sadness that we confirm our separation. It is on amicable terms and we still remain close friends. We move forward with respect for one another and our focus and commitment is on parenting our gorgeous daughter Summer’.

Such a nice day. Summer loving playing outside. ?

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Speaking of becoming a mother, Rebecca has recently shared it to be ‘the most painful thing I have ever done but also the most rewarding… Winning medals doesn’t really make a difference to real life but bringing a new child into the world is without a doubt our greatest achievement’.

We’d love to hear your opinions of ‘thigh gate’ in the comments below- an innocent misunderstanding or the start of a new (and pretty adorable) romance?!

Alice Perry