Why Did Rebecca Adlington Just *Cry* Live On TV?!

Rebecca Adlington broke down in tears after *this* happened during last nights Olympics...

This Olympic business is emotional stuff, isn’t it?! In fact, during the past week we’ve *probably* experienced more emotions than we have the span of our entire lives…

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Pure devastation as that gymnast’s leg snapped in about 354 places. Pure infatuation as Rebecca Adlington appeared to stroke Mark Fosters thigh. Yep, it’s been a ride…

And it looks like we’re not the only ones slightly overcome with all the festivities, as Olympic presenter and four-time-gold-medalist Rebecca Adlington broke down in tears during a live segment of the swimming last night.

Rocking @ted_baker tonight with @markfosterswim #olympics2016

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What had happened?! Do we need to have strong words with co-presenter and rumoured flame Mark Foster?! HAD *ANOTHER* GYMNAST SNAPPED A LEG IN 354 PLACES?!

Well, in actual fact, Becky had found herself choked up after Michael Phelps gave his baby son Boomer a kiss to celebrate winning his 20th Olympic gold- a moment the athlete appeared to find extremely touching.

Micheal Phelps

Rebecca, who is the mother to one-year-old Summer, was heard cooing during her voiceover before she could be seen with her head in her hands in the commentary box. The athlete then took a deep breath and composed herself to continue presenting.

Fellow co-presenter Helen Skelton also appeared to be touched by the moment, adding ‘What an amazing family unit… Oh, we’ve both gone’.

Basically, it was all v.v emotional.

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Rebecca, who is thought to have left her daughter back at home whilst she works in Rio, had recently shared a snap of Michael Phelps’ family to Twitter, writing: ‘Oh sooo cute! @MichaelPhelps little one Boomer sat right next to us- he’s gorgeous!’.

Speaking of becoming a mother to lil’ Summer, Rebecca recently shared ‘it is the best thing in the entire world. There’s nothing you can compare it to. I’d choose being a mum over my four Olympic medals any day of the week’.

Swim day! ?

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Having split from Summer’s father and her husband of 18-months Harry Needs back in March, Rebecca has been romantically linked to her co-presenter Mark Foster after appearing to touch his thigh whilst live on air. Oh, and also because the pair have palpable chemistry.

However, Mark has denied that this means the pair are a thing- having shared that ‘thigh-gate’ is simply ‘Becky [trying to get] my attention either when she has something to say or else she wants me to butt in’.


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