10 Reasons Why We’re Frickin’ Loving The Sun

We’re all feeling hot, hot, hot but can’t get enough of this uh-mazing weather right now. Yes, we know weather-chat is a bit boring but seriously, this sunshine is awesome, right? Here’s why…

1. The tan. It’s finally REAL! So long, streaky, sticky, biscuit smelling fake-tan legs!

2. The playsuits. Because they do what they say on the tin and are fun to ‘play’ in. Obvs.

3. The men. They’re in the park – EVERYWHERE. Topless, playing Frisbee and looking smokin’.

4. Daily guilt-free sundowner cocktails/Prosecco/ice-cold rose/Pimms/Cider.

5. The good old British countryside. It just looks so pretty in the summer.

6. Bikini-abundance. FINALLY we can rip the tags off which have been on since last year and buy more! Winner.

7. Wellie-free festivals.

8. The ice-cream van. Who doesn’t love that chiming tune as it comes into your street?

9. Driving with the windows down. So simple, but so nice to do (especially when it’s not just to let your boyfriend’s fart escape.)

10. BBQing every meal of the day. And why the devil not?

By Zoe Crook and Lydia Southern

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