7 Reasons Directioners Are The Best Fandom

When it comes to dedicated fandoms, One Direction and Justin Bieber have always been rivals. 

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But we think there’s a few things that put Directioners ever-so-slightly ahead of the game… 

1. They’re more than just a fandom, they’re a caring community


When a Directioner, named Caroline Richards, sadly passed away from cancer, the fanbase paid their respects with the hashtag #RIPCaroline trending worldwide.  

2. They were single-handedly responsible for a dip in Seaworld visits


Well, kinda. 

After Harry Styles told audiences ‘don’t go to SeaWorld’, social media mentions for SeaWorld grew from approximately 500,000 to around 2,500,000.

AND the percentage of negative comments increased from about 25% to a whopping 85%.

They hold the power, guys.  

3. So many trending topics





…And it goes on. 

4. They promote good oral hygiene


As 17-year-old Natasha said on the documentary Crazy About One Direction: ‘The whole reason I got braces was because Niall Horan got braces. I didn’t really need braces but I wanted them because they look good and because Niall had them.’


5. They’re resourceful 


In their efforts to sneak backstage with their idols, a fan famously climbed into a bin to wait for them. 

Zayn said to The Mirror at the time, ‘They got busted. They hid in a bin and tried to come in the back entrance.’

Disclaimer: this isn’t a recommended tactic. 

6. They know every relative of each band mem


Now, that’s dedication.

7. They can communicate purely in GIF and meme form 


It’s like a whole other language.