Is This The Real Reason Behind Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Arguments…?

After a weekend of social media drama, someone's claimed that there's one big problem in their relationship...

Things have not been looking good for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, who welcomed their first daughter, Dream Kardashian, just a month ago.

Despite a few relationship hiccups in the past, the reality star couple, who have also been engaged, seemed to be going from strength-to-strength. That was until an explosive weekend of social media arguments ensued.

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Rob, 29, has since apologised to Chyna and their daughter in a series of new Instagram updates.

But many have been left wondering what might have first triggered such an almighty fall-out, which ultimately lead to Chyna, 28, walking out with her two children in tow.

According to PEOPLE, the new father is usually at the centre of the family drama, as sources have revealed to the publication that he ‘has absolutely been the instigator in most of their past fights’.

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The sources allegedly continued, ‘His emotional problems takes over and he lashes out at Chyna over ridiculous stuff.

‘Chyna just had a baby and he keeps fighting with her over ridiculous things. It’s like he just can’t help himself. Whenever he gets along with Chyna, he finds a way to ruin it. He is crazy suspicious and doesn’t trust her at all…

‘Now he keeps fighting with her over issues that his family had from the beginning. He doesn’t trust that she actually loves him and that their relationship is only about money to her.’

blac chyna rob kardashian

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Another source is reported to have added, ‘Rob and Chyna are like oil and water. They just bicker constantly. It’s not healthy.’

Now that the father-of-one has promised to ‘get better’ for his new family, we can only hope that he receives the support he needs to do so.