Read What Louis Walsh Really Thinks Of Tulisa!

Tulisa had better sit as far away from Louis Walsh as possible when the X Factor live shows begin in a few weeks’ time. Louis has made some interesting comments about the singer while promoting the next series of the ITV1 talent show.

He told Radio Times: “She is a bit rough around the edges and when they announced she was on the panel I was expecting a chav in a tracksuit – which is what we got – but she’s a lot of fun. She thinks she’s a bigger star than she actually is though.”

Yikes! And it’s not just Tulisa he’ll be upsetting with his cheeky comments. Louis added: “My ambition is to get to 10 years on the show. After that we’ll see. I don’t want to be like Brucie on Strictly. I will know when it’s time for me to give it up.”

Louis has long had a feud with Bruce Forsyth, and landed himself in hot water with the TV presenter in 2010 for saying was too old to be on TV.

Tulisa AND Bruce? Be afraid Louis, be very afraid! RM