Kanye Tweets About Leonardo DiCaprio’s Win At The Oscars

The ENTIRE world (come on, it wasn’t just us was it?) was waiting with bated breath to find out whether Leonardo DiCaprio would win his Oscar. 

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After SIX nominations, The Revanant star finally picked up his Academy Award. And social media rejoiced. 

Celebrities in their handfuls took to Twitter to share their congratulations and well wishes – even Kanye West took a break from his confusing rants to offer a lovely message for DiCaprio. 

He announced, ‘Finally!!! Our guy!!! We’re so so happy for Leo!!!’

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Ellen DeGeneres also gushed, ‘He did it! He really did it! @LeoDiCaprio, I love you #Oscars’.

And it looks like some people may want Leo to pull a Kanye (remember that presidential announcement?), with Shannen Doherty nodding to Leo’s passionate environmental speech: ‘@LeoDiCaprio for president. Such a well spoken, educated, enlightened human. #grats you deserve your #Oscar’.

Jessica Chastain followed up, ‘”Let us not take this planet for granted.” #LeonardoDiCaprio’. 

Ariel Winter joined us all in a fist-pump moment, simply writing, ‘LEO WINS!!!! #Oscars’.


Heck, even Miss Piggy wanted to get in on the action, tweeting, ‘Congrats on your #Oscar win @LeoDiCaprio! Now that he’s won, let’s start campaigning to get me one next year: #GiveMissPiggyAnOscar2017’.

Um. We’re not sure if that campaign is going to take off, lady…