The Celebs You Could Meet On This A-List Dating App

If you’ve ever swiped through Tinder desperate to see a famous face, say a Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio or even, hey, a Spencer Matthews, then we’re sorry to tell you but you’re in the wrong place.

The app is “an exclusive dating platform for people in creative industries” and Nylon have revealed the celebs you could meet if you sign-up. The list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood and the likes of Cara Delevigne, Joe Jonas and Elijah Wood have all been confirmed to be using the app.

These three celebs are all on Raya…


Many creative types make this list (obvs) including some very succesful musicians. You could bag yourself a date with DJs Avicii, Diplo or Flume, or if that doesn’t float your boat how about chatting to Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, or Moby? 

Other celebs confirmed to be using the app include – deep breath – Ruby Rose, Sharon Stone, Alexander Wang, Cody Simpson, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Teri Hatcher, Matthew Perry, Zach Braff and Bonnie Wright. Wow – this clearly is the app to be using if you want to land yourself a Hollywood partner. 

So how do you get involved?

You have to apply to join; acceptance depends on how popular you are on Instagram and applications are assessed by a mysterious anonymous committee. There’s even rumours of a waiting list…

Writer Alix Fox tried her luck…

“I have 2.2k Instagram followers – decent, but nowhere near the 3.3 million fans of rumoured Raya player Joe Jonas. And while JJ posts pics of himself on stage or at big-name bars, my recent images include a picture of me gurning with a mud mask on. I suspect Raya’s gatekeepers rate cool, classy photos over silly snaps, so I upload some sexier selfies and a shot of me trying on some killer Louboutins to seem more Insta-glam.

Raya’s website says they ‘rarely, if ever’ accept anyone not endorsed by a current member. None of my mates use the app, so I post a plea on Twitter asking if anyone can help.

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I’m contacted by Jenna, a 26-year-old model and painter from Los Angeles. She says she doesn’t recommend people she doesn’t know personally, objecting that “otherwise Raya might become less of a private community and fill up with trashy autograph hunters.” However, she does tell me about her experiences.

“I’ve dated several high-flying bachelors and celebs through Raya, including a famous actor and the son of a big American politician, and my friend claims she’s chatted to [Ellie Goulding’s ex] DJ Skrillex,” Jenna says. “Profiles show photo slideshows set to music. One well-known singer uses his own tracks – cringe!”

But are there any fakers on there? “Raya carefully pick who they accept; everyone I’ve met has genuinely had a pretty cool lifestyle,” says Jenna. “Some big egos, though – it goes with the territory.”

A week later, my membership’s still ‘Pending’; I expect I’ll be declined. I’m mildly embarrassed (if unsurprised) to have been judged insufficiently important to join, and peeved that Raya’s snooty committee mustn’t think I’m very “creative”.  

I’m not hugely bothered though, as I want to find a deep connection with someone; Raya seems as shallow as a paddling pool. Its screening process may keep out Tinder-troll-type idiots, but I reckon it also bans lots of great folks as well.”

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