Ray J’s Manager Has Something To Say To Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban

Ray J might be in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but there seems to be some drama brewing in the outside world...

Jonathan Cheban has shattered the dreams of most Celebrity Big Brother viewers by confirming that he isn’t about to break down the doors of the famous house in order to confront his best friend Kim Kardashian‘s ex boyfriend, Ray J.

Ah man.

It’s safe to say that it’s become pretty standard for reality gameshows to send in wronged exes or rivals to confront contestants (just think; Malin and Terry on Love Island, Lillie Lexie Gregg and Stephen Bear on CBB…) so when Ray J started piping up about his, err, man parts and the tape he made with his ex, Kim, the internet was buzzing with rumours.

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On the night of the launch show, Jonathan took to Twitter to hit out: ‘What a loser #CBB (you know who I’m talking about)…’

Knowing the history, everyone jumped to the conclusion that he was talking about Ray J.

Cryptically, he then added: ‘…see you soon London’. Yup, this certainly did nothing to silence the speculation that he might be making a CBB comeback.


It seems that his comment about the One Wish rapper didn’t go down too well with one person in particular.

Producer and TV personality David Weintraub, who appears to be a Manager to Ray J, was unhappy with Jonathan’s comment.

He reportedly told MailOnline: ‘Jonathan thinks he has a big voice on Twitter hiding behind his little phone trying to make people actually care what this little “hanger on” has to say.

‘But I assure you it’s going to be quite different if he tries to act like he’s some big shot tough guy defending Kim Kardashian in the CBB house.’

It has now been confirmed that Jonathan will not be making an appearance, telling his Twitter followers: ‘Loads of rumours today..but I’m in the UK doing another TV show as planned for 2months, I’ll be watching!’

He also added: ‘As much as I love watching #CBB you couldn’t pay me to ever go back in the CBB house! I’m a HUGE fan of the show from a distance.’

So, that’s that then.