Ray J Does Not Seem Happy With Big Brother After He Was ‘Forced To Quit’

So what exactly is going on with Ray J on Celebrity Big Brother?

Ray J has been forced to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house, after only one week in the Channel 5 show.

According to reports, the singer was rushed to hospital with a serious toothache, with claims that he ‘blacked out’ from the pain on the way to the hospital.

What’s more, the American contestant is said to be ‘enraged’ with the producers and with how he was treated on the show, with a source alleging that he was left to suffer for three and a half days without medical care, due to the fact that Channel 5 didn’t initially believe his gripe, TMZ reports.

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TMZ sources have said that the pain got to be so much that Ray J’s fellow housemates refused to continue shooting until he received medical help.

The publication also reports that a dentist was eventually sent into a house to give Ray some painkillers. After waking up the next day, still in ‘unbearable pain’, he is said to have then been taken to hospital, blacking out on the way.

TMZ have also claimed that they spoke with Ray J from the hospital, via a FaceTime conversation.

The report alleges that Ray J told them he would be going back to the house after his medical visit, and that ‘he’ll pound on the door’ if producers do not allow him back on the show. What’s more, if they don’t, then the website claims that ‘a lawsuit is almost certain.’

Ray J Sleeping

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The singer’s manager, David Weintraub, has confirmed to Billboard that Ray J was hospitalised on Tuesday while filming the show, telling them that producers ‘ignored’ Ray’s original medical requests, which were made on Sunday.

He confirms that Ray J is now safely resting, and plans to visit a dentist on Wednesday morning.

As for his future on the show, that still remains uncertain.

David told Billboard, ‘There are a slew of legal issues that we are facing with the Big Brother program, because based on their actions they have breached their contract with us.

‘We waited a long time to put Ray J in any UK. programming, we waited for the right show, and it’s unfortunate due to unforeseen circumstances that his first television show has so many issues that we’re dealing with.’

We hope that Ray J is on the mend. And we also hope that he’ll be back on out TV screens soon.