So Who Won The Ratings War This Year Between Strictly Come Dancing And The X Factor?

It looks like the BBC have triumphed again...

Each year, BBC’s hit show Strictly Come Dancing battles with ITV’s fave The X Factor as viewers often find themselves torn between the two reality talent shows.

However, once again the BBC have triumphed over their prime time rival, as Strictly Come Dancing raked in a LOT more viewers than The X Factor.

The dancing show always appears to win a larger percentage of the Saturday night viewership, and things haven’t changed this year as 3 million more people tuned in to the star-studded ballroom show as oppose to the singing competition.

So here are those figures we all want to know…

On Saturday, the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing was aired on BBC1 and it drew in an estimated average figure of 8.8 million viewers, with a peak of 9.5 million.

This is actually a slight drop on last year’s figures of a 9.3 million average and a peak of 10.1 million viewers.

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However, it still soared over ITV1’s The X Factor which has been airing on both Saturday and Sunday evenings for the last few weeks.

On Saturday it drew inΒ an average of 5.5 million viewers, with a peak of 6.8 million.

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The two shows were not actually scheduled in directly competing slots, with Strictly starting at 7pm and The X Factor kicking off later at 8pm, however there was a 40 minute overlap.

The launch of the dancing competition saw the professional dancers pay a very touching tribute to the former presenter Bruce Forsyth, who sadly passed away last month.

The dancers performed a wonderful piece to one of Brucey’s favourites, Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra, which reduced host Tess Daly – along with viewers, dancers, cast and crew – to tears.

The first live show of Strictly will be back on September 23 at 7pm on BBC1, so don’t miss it!