We Can’t Get Over This New Picture Of The Kids From Outnumbered

Erm. Where did tiny Karen and Ben go?

Okay, so we know that people age. It’s the way the human body works and all that.

But we still find it REALLY FLIPPIN’ WEIRD that the kids from Outnumbered are now proper fully-grown humans.

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outnumbered kids

This is how we all remember the Outnumbered kids

We first saw them looking a little older on last year’s Christmas special, but Daniel Roche (Ben) and Ramona Marquez (Karen) seem to have gone through another major transformation since then.

The pair both headed to the Access All Areas gala screening in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust at Proud Camden, London on Tuesday. And can we just take a look at this photo?!

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Ramona Marquez and Daniel Roche

Here’s Ramona Marquez and Daniel Roche last night

Yep, that’s teeny-tiny Karen and Ben. And yep, that’s a pair of proper shoes and a perfectly on-fleek orange eye. Seriously, when did this happen?

Last year, Ramona was still sporting her natural curls, although they were a little blonder than they’d once been. But now she’s gone for a full-on platinum colour, and yesterday was rocking a chic straightened ‘do.

TBH, we’re not even sure we’d have recognised her.

Ramona Marquez

Ramona Marquez has previously been brunette

But this isn’t the first time she’s experimented with her look. She’s previously tried a two-tone blonde and black style, as well as a rock-chick crop.

It’s not exactly surprising that she’s trying lots of things out, because we did exactly the same thing in our teen years. It’s just weird that she’s IN her teen years, right?

Ramona Marquez

Quite the hair chameleon, eh?

Ramona is now 16, while Daniel celebrated his 18th birthday earlier this month. Tyger Drew-Honey – who played their older brother Jake – is 21.

*Sigh*. We guess we’re going to have to get used to this feeling old thing. Because let’s be honest, it’s only going to get worse.