This Is Devastating News For Designer Rachel Roy…

Something awful has happened to Rachel Roy. And it could blow this whole Beyonce/Jay Z cheating scandal wide open. 

According to The Sun, the 42-year-old designer has had her computer hacked, telling friends that ‘personal information’ from her laptop has been leaked.

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‘Rachel has confided to friends about the stolen emails’, a source told the newspaper. ‘She has no idea how they’ve been swiped but is aware of how much harm they can cause.’

The insider added: ‘She fears the spotlight will be well and truly back on her, Jay Z and Beyonce if these conversations end up online.’ Eep.

The designer was linked to the famous couple after Bey released Lemonade, which features a track called Sorry that references ‘go back to Becky with the good hair’.



Just hours later, Rachel posted a photo to Instagram with the caption: ‘Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens.’

Obviously, connections were made, but Roy soon released a statement denying any link between her, Bey and Jay.

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‘I want to put the speculation and rumors to rest. My Instagram post was meant to be fun and lighthearted, it was misunderstood as something other than that’, she said. ‘There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally. There is no truth to the rumors.’

We hope Roy’s privacy is respected in the wake of this news. Because NO ONE deserves their personal conversations being aired, famous or not.