The Queen And Sir David Attenborough Team Up For A New Documentary

The Queen’s Green Planet will air on the 16th April...

The Queen and David Attenborough. What a genius collaboration that one is.

For a one-off ITV documentary, due to air on Monday 16th April, HRH has teamed up with the much-loved Planet Earth presenter to open up about her love of plants and shed light on her mission to found protected forests in all 53 Commonwealth countries.

The teaser trailer shows Sir David joining the Queen for a stroll in the grounds of Buckingham Palace to discuss the different trees that grow there.

It seems we might get to see some really candid moments from the monarch too.

‘That one we won’t look at,’ she can be heard telling her co-host as they passed one pretty sorry looking branch.

‘Somebody sat on it, I think,’ she added.


Titled The Queen’s Green Planet, the TV network teased: ‘In a rare opportunity to see the Queen talking informally to Sir David, the conversation ranges from climate change, to conkers and birthday gifts.

‘In the often humorous exchange, the Queen reveals her passion for nature and how the garden’s history is intertwined with that of her family, charting the lives of her children but also delving into the past of her great, great grandparents Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.’

Prince Harry and Prince William are also expected to feature in the documentary.

As part of a wider environmental campaign, the project will encourage viewers to look after nature. This will later be supported by This Morning and Good Morning Britain, reports Metro. 

We cannot wait.