Proof That Miley Cyrus Is Just Like One Of Us…

Miley Cyrus suffered every girl’s nightmare when she had her credit card declined at the till during a recent shopping spree. 

The 20-year-old wild child, who had been browsing vintage records in a trendy LA music store Freakbeat Records with a friend, took her stack of retro finds to the cashier only for the mortifying moment to occur.

‘No one in the store really recognized Miley, even though she was hard to miss’, a fellow shopper told Radar Online. ‘It’s not her demographic of fans. But she was embarrassed none the less when her card was denied!’

Considering she’s worth an estimated £90 million, the Wrecking Ball hitmaker must have been putting some serious hours into her shopping regime to rack up that sort of cashflow problem.

Luckily, the shopping fiend was spared her blushes when her back-up Amex saved the day and saw Miley trotting off with her vintage vinyls after all. Phew!

‘The cashier was really nice and told her the bank probably put a hold on it because it was a large purchase, so she dug out another card and the payment went through’, added the eyewitness.

It’s nice to know it’s not just us that’s feeling the penny pinch this month. Still, an SOS emergency shopping fund a la Cyrus wouldn’t go amiss..

By Robyn Munson

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