Professor Green Explains Why He Called Taylor Swift ‘Promiscuous’

The 32-year-old rapper releases a statement on Instagram...

Professor Green has made a statement about calling Taylor Swift ‘promiscuous’.

During a Facebook Live interview with The Sun yesterday, the 32-year-old was asked whether he would ever date Taylor, 26.

He replied: ‘She has been quite promiscuous recently and I think she’s quite busy and probably too busy to go on a date with me so, with that in mind, I would sprint for the door.’

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However, it seems he’s now keen to backtrack.

In an Instagram post earlier today, he wrote: ‘Hi. I was put on the spot and asked to say whether or not I would date certain celebrities during a live q and a yesterday.

A little note about my use of the word 'Promiscuous'.

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‘Bit of an odd challenge as I don’t think it’s my place to decide whether or not I’d date anyone?! There are two people involved in that decision – it’s not a one way thing.

‘Anyhoo, when asked about Taylor Swift I used the word promiscuous – something it’s definitely been reported that I’ve been of late.

‘It wasn’t slanderous; I meant no offence in my passing comments and you will find no comparison to draw where I say one thing is okay for men and another for women. Lots of love, PG.’

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So why did Pro – real name Stephen Manderson – feel the need to speak out?

Sure, he could’ve just felt uncomfortable with his choice of words. But some fans are alleging that it could’ve been because he’d ruffled Taylor’s feathers.

Comments on his post included: ‘Taylor swift out for everyone ?,’ ‘I mean, considering what Taylor did to Kimmy after Kimmy put her on blast, I think this is a wise move by Pro,’ and: ‘Her PR team are ruthless.’

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