Professor Green Does An Amazing Job Of Tackling Male Suicide

In case you missed it, Professor Green’s Suicide And Me documentary aired on BBC3 last night. And safe to say, it was an emotional one. 

Male suicide is now more prevelant than ever, and especially in this country – in 2013, 78% of men accounted for suicides in the UK. But with a stigma still attached to the subject, we couldn’t back celebrities like Stephen more for speaking out about it.

The rapper lost his estranged father seven years ago to suicide, so it’s a topic very close to his heart. In the opening scene, we saw Professor Green kick off with an emotional admission: ‘There was one black day that I’ve never been able to forget about.’ 

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professor green and his dad Professor Green and his late father


In the documentary, Manderson meets up with friends of his dad’s, and admits that he still sees his father as ‘selfish’ for leaving the family.

The rapper also speaks with men who have battled suicidal thoughts, as well as meeting with fellow families who have lost sons and brothers to suicide.

professor green and millie mackintosh Wife Millie also showed her support on Twitter before Stephen’s show was aired


Whilst male suicide is major issue, and one that needs to be talked about much more openly, the documentary must have been incredibly tough for Pro to make. Which is we why applaud his bravery – just like the entire Twitter community did last night. 

‘Finished watching #SuicideAndMe what a truly brave & inspiring thing to do keep talking, lets stop the taboo well done @professorgreen’, one user wrote.

professor green on stage Stephen branded his dad as ‘selfish’ for leaving his family…


‘What an amazing strong man @professorgreen is. In tears watching his documentary. #SuicideAndMe’, posted another.

Another viewer tweeted: ‘More things like Professor Green’s #SuicideAndMe documentary need to be made to eradicate the stigma of mental health.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Clearly touched by the comments, Professor Green replied: ‘I can’t thank everyone posting enough, this is the most frightening thing I’ve ever done. Love’.

Well, you did incredibly well, PG.

professor green and millie mackintosh Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh at a recent red carpet event