Professor Green Responds To Millie Mackintosh’s Wedding Dress Stunt

The rapper insists he didn't mind that his ex Millie recycled her wedding dress for Halloween as he reveals that Millie knew all about his explosive One Eye On The Door lyrics about their marriage...

Professor Green has spoken very openly about his relationship with Millie Mackintosh after it was revealed she used her wedding dress as a Halloween costume last weekend.

Millie is said to have ‘ripped’ and covered her Grace Loves bridal party gown in fake blood to create her Day Of The Dead bride costume, in an attempt to seek ‘revenge’ on her rapper ex.

Millie’s decision reportedly came after Pro released his controversial lyrics to One Eye On The Door, which say some less-than-flattering things about his previous marriage to Millie.

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Instagram: Tillie Tiger

Instagram: Tillie Tiger

But despite rumours of a bitter rift between the exes, Pro aka. Stephen Manderson revealed on This Morning that actually, Millie’s been in on it all along…

‘Millie was on the intro of [One Eye On The Door] initially,’ he told hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield earlier today.

‘When the song was coming out she text me to say you must be happy it’s finally coming out. The song was written when we were still going out.’

professor green

Pro insists he didn’t mind that Millie recycled her old wedding dress for Halloween…

And when grilled on how he felt about Millie ripping up her wedding dress to wear to a party with new boyfriend Hugo Taylor to get ‘revenge’, Pro laughed it off.

‘It’s not revenge – revenge for what?’ he asked.

‘At least she got to wear it again! It’s hers to do what she wants with.’

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professor green and millie mackintosh wedding

He added: ‘If you can’t have a sense of humour… Divorce is horrible but if you can’t look back at your marriage with any kindness then it was a mistake.’

If I was bitter about it then it would have been a mistake. We never got married to get a divorce we got married because we were young and in love.’

Aw. We’re glad to hear these two are still on good terms.