Professor Green Comes To Millie Mackintosh’s Defence

Professor Green has come to his ex Millie Mackintosh’s defence after whispers that she had abandoned their pet dog, Arthur.

Since the couple announced their separation last month, both have remained fairly silent on social media about their break-up, which is totally understandable.

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Instagram Snaps….


But the rapper couldn’t help but say something when he saw ridiculous rumours swirling that Millie had dropped her responsibilities as a dog owner and instead left him to care for their gorgeous bull terrier.

Taking to Twitter to rubbish the rumours, Stephen stated that he’d had ‘enough of dog-gate’ before explaining that Millie ‘loves Arthur to bits’.


‘I don’t know who belle is but enough of dog-gate. Millie loves Arthur to bits and I have no anger at the situation’, he tweeted about an article written in a UK newspaper. Aw.

A source close to Pro has also denied the claims, telling MailOnline: ‘There’s no truth in this story whatsoever.’


Both Millie and Stephen both seem to have been handling their split admirably, with Millie busy working on her clothing line and enjoying multiple girly holidays and Professor Green busy with his hugely successful music career.

And from the Instagram pictures, it looks like little Arthur is more than content with his set-up, thank you very much.