Professor Green Sets The Record Straight About *That* Millie Mackintosh Album

The rapper insists he's 'not going to make a heartbreak album' about ex wife Millie Mackintosh as he says he's looking towards the future...

With Professor Green’s got a new album coming out, rumours were rife that he might have pulled a Swifty and penned the lyrics about his much-publicised divorce.

In fact, back in June, the rapper himself was asked if ex Millie Mackintosh would be ‘unhappy’ to hear his new lyrics, to which Pro replied: ‘I think that can be assumed.’

However, in a new interview with BBC Asian Network, the 32-year-old insists that he’s above writing nasty lyrics about exes, and is very much looking to the future.

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‘You know, I’m not Adele’, Pro said. ‘I’m not going to make a heartbreak album. I’m much more focussed on looking forward.’

Pro, real name Stephen Manderson, went on to admit that the media attention he got following his divorce from Millie is ‘calming down’, but added that he’s definitely done with ‘parading’ his relationships on social media.

‘I don’t sell my relationships. That’s not me’, he said. ‘I’m not parading my relationships and I will never do that again. I will never ever, ever put myself in that position again where a relationship becomes… That’s not happening.’

I can't wait to get started on this project and tell you all what it is!!!

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The rapper also hinted that there could be something more between him and Rita Ora after he was asked about the fact that they’d been seen recently ‘hanging out’.

‘Don’t know what you’re on about mate?’ he replied. ‘For as long as there’s plausible deniability. You’re cheeky you are.’

When the BBC host told him he’d ‘gone red’, Pro replied nervously: ‘I haven’t gone red, I definitely haven’t gone red. Don’t say it because people can’t see me!’

Ooh. We’d say that’s a big fat clue right there.

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Millie and Professor Green split back in February, and since then, the former Made In Chelsea star has moved on with her ex co-star, Hugo Taylor.

When pictures were first published showing Millie and Hugo on holiday together in Cannes, not long after her divorce, Pro didn’t hold back in sharing his feelings on the matter.

‘Money can’t buy you class’, he tweeted.

Sounds like he’s well and truly moved on now, though. And we’re happy for him.