Professor Green’s New Lyrics About Millie Mackintosh Are Seriously Explosive

After the explosive new lyrics to Eye On The Door are released, which hint at marriage troubles between him and Millie, Pro admits he's not worried about her reaction...

We knew it was coming, but now that Professor Green’s new album is here, we’re still kind of in shock.

Because yep, he really wasn’t lying when he said that a lot of the lyrics would be about his marriage to Millie Mackintosh.

The 32-year-old rapper warned that the new tracks would reveal some explosive details about his marriage to the former Made In Chelsea star, and now, we’ve had a first listen to the lyrics of upcoming single Eye On The Door.

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And boy, they’re explosive alright.

In one song, Professor Green raps (rather unflatteringly) about what his home life with Millie was really like, saying: ‘Behind closed doors what’s my wife like/It gets crazy in bed – We watch a couple episodes/Of a box set and and then it’s night night/When she hears this s**t it’s lights out/I’ll probably get kicked out of my house/Till I come back with a brand new Chanel bag.’


Millie Mackintosh

Professor Green said he wasn’t worried about Millie hearing the lyrics…

Pro (aka. Stephen Manderson) also hinted that his partying could have been a bone of contention between him and Millie, singing: ‘Where’s my phone? S**t sixty-one missed calls/A divorce is on the cards if I don’t split/And get my a**e in gear – I’m asking for it’.

He then adds: ‘A b****rd ain’t I – auf wiedersehen/Better get my a**e in gear and get a car quick though, if I’m already gonna get my a**e kicked? Then pass it/What’s one more half, what’s one more spliff/What’s one more glass/What’s one more line, what’s one more toke/I’m already a dead man when I get home.’

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Millie Mackintosh is dating her ex-Made In Chelsea co-star Hugo Taylor

Millie Mackintosh is dating her ex-Made In Chelsea co-star Hugo Taylor

In  a previous interview with The Sun, Pro said that he imagined his ex Millie would be expecting provocative lyrics such as these, and that he wasn’t worried about her reaction. Crikey – we just hope he warned her first…

‘I think she’ll probably say, “Well at least he’s being honest about that. That definitely happened once or twice”‘, Pro said.

‘It’s a song that was probably written after a time I got in trouble’, he added. ‘I wrote that over a year ago. The whole song is just about when you say, “Yeah, I promise I’ll be home early, I promise,” then your mates go, “Come on, stay for one more drink”‘.