Professor Green Has A Scary Experience While Filming

Professor Green had quite the scare yesterday.

The 32-year-old rapper took to Twitter last night to tell fans that he’d been spooked by a man who appeared to be ‘waving a blade’ around. Eek.

Pro – real name Stephen Manderson – had been filming in Cheltenham when the incident occurred.

Professor Green took to Twitter to tell fans about the scary experience


He Tweeted: ‘Interesting day filming. Some bloke was noising up while we were trying to film. Reappears later waving a blade about.’

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Fans were understandably concerned, with replies including: ‘So pleased that you are ok xxxxx,’ and: ‘Your docs are great but take care out there.’

Professor Green’s documentaries have been a big success


However, Pro later reassured his followers that he didn’t get close enough to the man in question to see whether he was actually wielding a knife.

He continued: ‘In fairness he had a bottle of wine so it could have been a bottle opener… Cause that’s normal..’

Crikey. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as though the man endangered anyone.


Gloucestershire Police told MailOnline that no knife related incidents in Cheltenham have been reported.

It hasn’t been the easiest few weeks for Pro. As you probably know by now, he announced his split from wife Millie Mackintosh in February.

Professor Green recently split from Millie Mackintosh


However, the pair both seem to be keeping themselves busy, with Pro filming his documentaries and Millie, 26, cracking on with photoshoots.

They actually appear to be handling their break-up pretty well. Just this week, Pro defended Millie, 26, after rumours emerged that she’d ‘abandoned’ their dog Arthur.

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There doesn’t seem to be any animosity between Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh


He Tweeted: ‘Millie loves Arthur to bits and I have no anger at the situation.’

Let’s hope he’s alright after yesterday, eh?