Meghan Markle’s Friend Priyanka Chopra Says She’ll ‘Be An Icon’

'Meghan is just super down to earth and really chill'

One of Meghan Markle’s friends has opened up about her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry.

Priyanka Chopra has been close with Meghan, 36, for a number of years, and is clearly delighted that she’s found her match in 33-year-old Harry.

The Bollywood actress tells E! News: ‘They’re so happy and so in love. It’s so normal and sweet and yet not normal at all, so I’m super happy for her, I really am. I mean I’ve spoken to him and Meg a couple times, but I haven’t been around in London like at all.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has spoken out about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship

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It’s been confirmed that #Heghan will be getting hitched on 19 May, with the nuptials taking place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Meghan’s already joined her fiancé on a number of public engagements, but will take on a bigger royal role after she’s married.

Priyanka, 35, thinks she’ll prove to be a very popular addition to the Royal Family, continuing: ‘Meghan is just super down to earth and really chill. She always has been that, and she’s still like that – that is what I love about her, and that’s why… she’ll be really an icon for young girls around the world.’

While it’s not thought that the couple have sent out invites just yet, Priyanka isn’t too worried about choosing a gift if she does attend the ceremony.

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She says: ‘She’s like, if you give her a book, she’ll be happy. Like, as long as it’s thoughtful.

‘So I don’t think it’ll be really hard because she’s never been the kind of girl who’s like: “Oh, I want the newest bag,” or: “I want…” She’s just a very girl’s girl. She’s very down to earth, so I don’t think it’ll be really hard.’

Perfect HRH material, don’t you think?