Princess Charlotte Hits A Very Exciting Baby Milestone

Little Princess Charlotte has hit one of her first baby milestones!

The gorgeous daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William is 11-months-old, and by the sound of it, she’s already showing off some impressive skills.

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princess charlotte Sounds like Charlotte’s got a taste for the sportier things in life…


During a visit to Wembley Stadium this week, Prince William revealed that Charlotte has racked up a bit of a talent for football, telling former Chelsea and Aston Villa player Paul Elliott:

‘She’s a very good footballer. You hold her hand and she kicks it. Very sweet.’ Naww!

Not only does this mean that Harper Beckham’s got a mini sporting rival on her hands, but it also implies that Charlotte’s now taken her first steps (how else would she be standing up and kicking a ball?) Go, girly!

prince william, kate middleton, charlotte and george skiing in the alps Could this be the cutest royal family ever?


Children generally take their first steps between 9 and 12 months, so it looks like Charlotte is right on schedule.

The royal tot also got her first teeth through recently, as we saw from the toothy snaps the family shared from their ski trip to the French Alps.

prince william, kate middleton, charlotte and george skiing in the alps Charlotte was seen rocking her first baby teeth on a recent family ski trip to the Alps


And as for George? Well, he was also walking before his first birthday, but has been described by his parents as a right naughty little chap.

William famously declared Charlotte a ‘little joy of heaven’ and very ‘ladylike’ compared to her slightly more boistorous big brother.

We mean, one look at that face, and you can tell mischief is very much in those eyes…