Some People Think Prince William Had A Nap, But Here’s Why We Should Give Him A Break

Reports seem to be focusing on the fact that Prince William might have 'nodded off' during his first public duty since the birth of his new baby...

Poor Prince William.

The 35-year-old, as you’re probably more than aware, welcomed his third child with wife Kate Middleton earlier this week. But now he’s being shamed for appearing ‘sleepy’ at a royal engagement.

Never ones to shy away from what’s expected of them, the Duchess of Cambridge was on her feet – in heels, we might add – just hours after giving birth, in order to introduce the entire world to the new prince as per tradition.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Of course, she looked absolutely gorgeous and we salute her, but we couldn’t help but feel a twang of pity for the new mum – who had been up, in labour, since the early hours of the morning.

Having taken his family home, Prince William has been thrown back into work.

The new dad joined Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle at the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday.

Suited and booted in a decorated navy two piece, matching with his younger brother, Prince William honoured Australia and New Zealand’s fallen in the annual remembrance service.

But a number of eagle-eyed cameras seem to have drawn attention to the fact that, at one point, he looked like he may have nodded off for a few moments.

Considering his household has three children under the age of four, including a newborn, we’re not surprised that he might be feeling a little on the tired side.  We think it’s commendable that he wanted to make an appearance and represent the royal family at such an important event.

What’s more, if he hadn’t shown up, we’re pretty sure that he would have been criticised for that too.

Let’s stop the parent-shaming, eh?