Prince William Urges Girls Not To Feel Pressured To Conform To Unrealistic Beauty Standards

‘I worry for you girls’

From the editors of Marie Claire

Prince William has made mental health a priority in recent years, teaming up with his brother Prince Harry and wife Kate Middleton to form Heads Together, a charity not only tackling the effects of mental health but also the stigma around it.

In a recent appearance, Prince William and Professor Green surprised a group of students at London’s Burlington Danes Academy, using their time on stage to talk about the dangers of social media and the unrealistic beauty standards that it can promote.

‘I worry for you girls,’ explained the 35-year-old Duke of Cambridge, urging them to avoid feeling pressured to conform to unrealistic and dangerous beauty standards.


‘Unless you punctuate it correctly — I’m not the best at punctuation and I’m not the grammar police, either — you can read it in 100 different ways,’ he explained, referring to negative online comments and how reading too much into them could be harmful.

And while it’s undoubtedly an issue that’s close to his heart, having a daughter of his own, he confessed that as an adult, he finds social media platforms and their effects difficult to understand.

‘There is such a generational gap,’ he explained. ‘We don’t know how to respond.’