Is There Trouble In Paradise For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle?

The wedding is 'imminent' - but there's some major shade going on behind the scenes...

Not gonna lie, we’re getting seriously excited at the thought of Prince Harry announcing his engagement – in fact, we’re planning a street party already.

But while reports suggest the couple are close to announcing their engagement, a source speaking exclusively to LOOK has revealed that Harry’s ready to turn down his royal duties in a bid to put Meghan first and lead a ‘normal life’.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were spotted smooching at the polo earlier this year

‘The whole world knows that Harry is besotted with Meghan,’ says a close pal. ‘It’s no secret he wants a more normal life, so he’s fully prepared to cut down on work. For Harry, Meghan’s The One.

‘She comes first and he’s made it very clear he wants marriage, kids, the lot. He’ll do whatever it takes to retain as much privacy for them as he can.’

While most of us are happy for the 32-year-old prince, not everyone is. According to our sources, his openness about his desire to focus on Meghan and not his royal duties has caused friction. Harry’s even admitted that at one point he ‘wanted out’ of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry

It’s no wonder Harry seems so protective of Meghan, 36. But while the actress has also been cutting down on her own work commitments (the current season of Suits is said to be her last on the
show), she’s reportedly told Harry to think carefully about his choices.

‘She loves that Harry is putting her first,’ says our insider. ‘But equally, she totally gets that he has responsibilities and doesn’t want him to forgo everything. She’s made it very clear she loves
Harry no matter what his title or his commitments.’

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Meghan Markle

Since the pair announced their relationship last November, it seems Meghan has also made changes. Once a regular social media user, she hasn’t tweeted since early March and has been absent on Instagram for four months. She also shut down her beloved lifestyle site The Tig in April.

We have to admit, we’re worried about the pair. With an engagement announcement set to come ‘in months’ we just hope that they can find the balance they need and the royals come on board…

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