Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Is Keen For Children, Says Her Nephew

Meghan Markle's nephew has revealed the actress's plans for children as her and Harry move forward in their relationship...

So Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be reaching those relationship milestones earlier than we thought, if what her nephew says it anything to go by.

Harry and Meghan are thought to have been dating for about six months, and now that she’s got the Queen’s official seal of approval, it’s no wonder Meghan’s looking to the future.

And Tyler Dooley, who is the nephew of 35-year-old Meghan, says the Suits actress has definitely got babies on the brain.

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‘She’s achieved success in her career and now she’s found Mr Right,’ he explains. ‘A family is next. She has said she wants to have kids and she would be a good wife and mother.

‘She had a mothering side even as a young girl – she’s a natural and it’s the right time for her to have a family.’


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Prince Harry is dating actress Meghan Markle…

Tyler, who’s dad is Meghan’s half brother, also added rather cutely that he’d always seen her as a maternal figure.

‘Meghan has always been very caring. I look up to her now, just like I did when I was a kid’, he added.

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And it sounds like Meghan hasn’t been put off by the huge amount of media attention surrounding her and her royal boyfriend, either, with her nephew saying that she was actually ‘excited’ when the news was finally made public.

‘Meghan emailed when the news about her and Prince Harry hit the headlines,’ he added. ‘She said she was very excited, very happy and content. You could really tell she was in a good place.’