Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Just Made Their First Public Appearance As An Engaged Couple

They're just so cute together, aren't they?!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made their first public appearance together as husband-and-wife-to-be!

Hand in hand, the pair walked through the gardens of Kensington palace for a photocall at 2pm this afternoon. And they looked soooo happy.

Reporters asked how they were both feeling, to which Prince Harry said, ‘Thrilled’ – after which the pair both laughed excitedly.

‘We’re very glad it’s not raining, as well!’ he added, while Meghan said, ‘So happy, thank you.’

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When asked how he proposed, Prince Harry said ‘that will come later,’ presumably referring to the interview which air in the UK at 6pm today, but added that ‘of course’ it was romantic. Eeeeek!

And when did Harry know Meghan was the one, reporters asked? ‘Very first time we met.’ OUR. ACTUAL. HEARTS.

Ever the fashion icon Meghan chose to wear a chic belted coat (in white, of course – she is a brideto-be, guys) paired with elegant heels.

And of course, we got a little glimpse of the most gorgeous ring – which looks like a large diamond surrounded by a smaller diamond on both sides. Beautiful.

We’re so excited to hear more details on the couple’s big day!

By Lucy Abbersteen