Prince Harry Latest: Now Lady Gaga’s Got A Crush!

Prince Harry has returned to the UK a little red-faced following his raucous week in Las Vegas. Unless you’ve been hibernating the last couple of days, then you’ll have seen the snaps of the naked prince cavorting in a hotel room with some hot lady friends.

Now, lots of stars have commented on the pictures – but it’s Lady Gaga‘s remarks who’ve got the most attention.

Let’s hope her boyfriend Taylor Kinney doesn’t read them…

She tweeted: “HOLY MOTHER HARRY LOOKS FIT. hope no ones mad at him for that, I’m certainly not #RoyalsArePeopleToo.”

Well said, Gaga! We totes agree.

She then added: “But truly f**k off to whatever shitty friend took those picture and leaked them.” (sic)

You’re not the only one who’s developed a royal crush this week, Lady. We absolutely in no way have not pinned the pictures to our desks. Uh-huh. Nope… RM