Prince Harry Has Dinner With Ellie Goulding

Prince Harry donned his best tux to attend a Walking With The Wounded charity dinner in London last night where Ellie Goulding was performing.

Held at the swanky Grosvenor House Hotel, the handsome royal was serenaded by the Explosions singer at the fundraising event, which was to raise money for Harry’s upcoming race for his favourite charity. The British Army captain will be joining a team of wounded warriors to take part in a gruelling trek to the Antarctic later this year, as patron of the South Pole Allied Challenge 2013. 

“I love performing for them all and Harry is great,” Ellie, who is dating War Horse hottie Jeremy Irvine, told The Telegraph at the Esquire summer party earlier this week. But despite being a running fanatic, the 26-year-old said has no plans to join the Prince on his mammoth trek.

“What he’s doing is brilliant, but I can barely find the time to go to the gym right now!” she said.

In his pre-dinner speech, Harry spoke passionately about the cause.

‘For every life taken, which is about 450 in Afghanistan, about 4,000 are injured and that’s what we don’t hear about,’ he told the 300 guests.

‘Arms, legs that will never grow back as well as mental injuries – the image of your best friend being blown up next to you, that’s something that will never leave you.’

Fit, charitable, and looks great in a uniform? His Royal Hotness can do no wrong…

By Robyn Munson

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