Primark Joins Instagram!

Primark has given us yet another place to lust over their cheap and cheery on-trend buys by joining Instagram

The store posted their first ever photo this morning of a bundle of bright watches with “about time…..” scrawled across the clocks, acknowledging their lack of Insta-loving until now. 

“hey everyone…. #fashionablylate #happytuesday #primark,” the high street giant wrote under their debut snap which has got us super-excited to see what they’ll be sharing from now on. 

Sneak previews of new collections? Discount codes? FREE CLOTHES? Ok, no, we’re getting carried away but we can’t wait for one of the hottest brands out there to treat us to some fancy-filtered fun.

They’ve been playing hard-to-get for so long, we’re glad to see they’ve finally caved and signed up to the selfie-obsessed site.

And just so you don’t have to waste a second more of your time without the bargain hotspot’s latest account in your life, their Insta-ID is simply ‘Primark’ so log in and get following the fashionably late team asap!

By Claire Blackmore 

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