Primark Just Dropped A New Line Of Hair Tools And Everyone Loves Them

Good straighteners and curlers for under £10? We'll take them all

If the thought of dropping close to £200 just to get your mitts on a good pair of straightener or curling tongs makes you feel a bit ill, Primark is here to save your bacon.

The high street bargain emporium has just shared a new collection of heated styling tools on Instagram stories, complete with their usual budget price tag.

But what probably doesn’t spring to mind when you think of Primark hair tools is that they’d be described as being anything above ‘does the job’.

Here’s the thing: Primark’s hair tools are actually getting really good reviews.

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The new line includes a 2-in-1 straightener and curler (yes, both in one gadget), skinny curling tong, straightening brush and heat-proof mat.

They’ve even made a tongs or straighteners ‘holder’, so you no longer have to risk leaving still-hot tools on the floor, and heat-proof gloves, meaning no more burnt fingers. Ideal.

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So far those who have taken to social media only have positive things to say about Primark’s new tools. One Twitter user described herself as being ‘in love’, while another described the shop’s curlers as ‘the shit’.

It just goes to show that price isn’t always a reflection of a beauty product’s performance. Primark is going up in the world.

By Lucy Abbersteen