Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Is Missing Hanna Marin

* Spoilers ahead *…

We’ve received the most exciting Pretty Little Liars sneak peek yet in the form of the new season seven poster.

Fans were teased with the mysterious new image, as it was released piece by piece on the PLL Instagram account.

The complete image shows the Pretty Little Liars girls dressed in all black everythanggg in a line-up formation.

Sasha Pieterse, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Trioan Bellisario all look amazing in lacy ensembles throwing smouldering looks into the camera lens.


We all know A kidnapped her in the finale of season six after she used herself as bait in an attempt to trick A.

But the fact that she’s missing from the poster completely is making us question exactly what this means for season seven.

We already know writer and producer Marlene King isn’t afraid of a little bit of tragedy and drama (CiCi didn’t last long in season six), but would she go as far as killing Hanna off?!

Over the series, Hanna has already been through her fair share of emotional and physical trauma, but we were hoping that King would give her a bit of a break. 

The teaser trailer for this season was particularly dramatic, showing arch enemies Mona and Caleb joining forces to save their beloved Hanna. But while the trailer shows them digging through dirt while looking slightly terrified, what’s that in the background? A BLONDE HAIRED GIRL HANGING IN THE ROPES OF ROSEWOOD BELL TOWER?!

The suspense is real.

On a lighter note, King has promised that this will be “the most romantic season ever” and with the amount of sparks that flew in season six, we aren’t surprised!

We can’t wait to get some of the all-important questions we have answered. Willl Spooby be reunited? How will Alison escape the sanatorium? And will Hanna Die?!

The first episode of season seven will be available on UK Netflix on Wednesday 22nd June. How will we bear the tension until then?!

By Catherine Delves