The Ordinary Boys’ Preston Reveals He’s Been Involved In A Serious Accident

The Celebrity Big Brother alumnus fell off a second floor balcony after drinking, and has a stark warning for us all

Remember Preston? The Ordinary Boys singer was one of our biggest 00s crushes, winning over our (and ex-wife Chantelle Houghton’s) hearts when he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

And now he’s back on our radar… but not for the reason that we’d hoped.

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Preston CBB

Preston rose to fame on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006

The 35-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to reveal that he’s been in a serious accident, and is in hospital recovering from a multitude of injuries.

He shared a photo of himself in a wheelchair with his girlfriend Emily Smith by his side, adding the caption: ‘If I haven’t been texting you back it’s because I fell off a 2nd floor balcony in Denmark and broke my leg in 4 places, pelvis, hip, foot, ribs, shoulder blade, punctured a lung and smashed my left hand to pieces.

‘I know a wise man once said ‘boys will be boys’ but seriously I drank too much and was careless and please don’t abuse your privileges. I think I’m going to do the next 30 years sober.

‘Thank you to my gf @loveisenough for flying over to spoon feed me and my mama for doing the same. To quote Garth Marenghi ‘it really hurts’ [sic].’

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Of course, fans were quick to send their best wishes. Comments included: ‘Quit breaking your body and get back to music!!!!!!!! Also, please take better care of yourself,’ and: ‘Hope you learnt your lesson. You have much more to give! Love to you and get well soon x [sic].’

We think everyone should listen to Preston’s advice, and remember to stay vigilant on nights out where alcohol may be involved. Get well soon, pal.