The Weird Things You Probably Missed During The Presidential Debate

What with *that* leaked audio, Robert De Niro's video message against Trump, and the presidential debate, there was a lot for social media to talk about...

Well. What a weekend it has been for American politics.

Of course, that awful audio was leaked, with Donald Trump (once again) saying something pretty unsavoury about women.

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Naturally, the internet reacted in a huge way. So much so, in fact, that Tic Tac – no, we’re not kidding, we do actually mean the candy company – felt the need to distance itself from Trump’s campaign.

Sunday night also saw the second presidential debate between Trump and his opposition, Hillary Clinton.

Social media wasted absolutely no time in getting involved in the war of words. And there were quite a few things of note.

First up, there was a special guest on the stage with the Republican and the Democratic candidates. Twitter offered a special shout out to the fly that landed on Hillary’s face as she was talking.

Again, we’re not actually kidding.

There was also something else that people couldn’t help noticing – and it’s pretty creepy, if you ask us.

Donald seemed to ‘loom’ over Hillary, every time she got her hands on the microphone.

One even warned her to ‘LOOK OUT’, as the 70-year-old stood behind her, always in shot.

He was branded a ‘predator’, ‘cringe worthy’, and even one of those ‘scary clowns’ that have been dominating the news.

Although, apparently, this wasn’t the ‘most insane’ part…

Oh dear.