Pregnant Rochelle & Marvin Humes Dress Up As Scary Spice & MC Hammer!

Pregnant Rochelle Humes and her JLS-star husband Marvin were out last night at a 90s-themed fancy dress party, and they had some awesome costumes on!

While Marvin wore Hammer pants, shades and ALL the gold jewellery to be MC Hammer, Rochelle wore a leopard-print catsuit that showed off her tiny baby bump as Spice Girl Mel B!

They were clearly girl group inspiration for The Saturdays, as she even had the peace sign ready for photos – we LOVE it!

The pic was posted on the JLS Twitter account, and Marvin tweeted:

“MC Hammer and Scary Spice dating back in the 90’s!!! Marv x”

Now THAT would have been a strange coupleā€¦ BS