Pregnant Rochelle Humes ‘Won’t Give Birth On TV’

The Saturdays’ management team will be breathing a sigh of relief today as Rochelle Humes admitted she has no plans to give birth live on TV.

The star made the confession during an interview on This Morning yesterday, when she compared her reality TV show Chasing The Saturdays to Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Talking about their success on E! and the concept of the show, Mollie King said: “We know how much E! like to see, so we were like, ‘We really will have to show everything’.

“We are different to the Kardashians because we are obviously a girlband trying to break America and they are a family doing their own thing, and they are huge so if we could have any kind or a little bit of their success, we’d be very happy.”

But that doesn’t mean showing EVERYTHING… like the birth of Rochelle’s first baby with JLS star Marvin Humes.

Rochelle added: “They are definitely braver than us, but I am not taking one for the team!”

Phew. You know we love you, Roch. But that… we don’t need to see. RM