Pregnant Kate Middleton: Full Birth Details Revealed!

Kate Middleton has been keeping mum about the details of her upcoming birth, but we can reveal that she really doesn’t yet know the sex of her baby and she is planning on having a natural birth.

Sources have told the BBC that Kate is planning on giving birth in the same hospital Prince William was born in – the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

It’s understood that Prince William will be taking two weeks paternity leave and the Palace have arranged for him to take a chartered helicopter to the London for the birth if he is not on duty with the Royal Air Force in Anglesy (well, you’d hardly expect him to take the bus, wouldn you?) The source also revealed that the sex of the baby will remain a surprise until the last minute. Officials have said it’s a “very personal matter for the duke and duchess,” but “they also know it’s a time to celebrate and many will want to share in their joy.” They have however asked for ‘sensitivity’ surrounding the arrival of the royal offspring.

The baby will be delivered by Marcus Setchell, formerly the Queen’s gynaecologist. Medical staff will then sign an official announcement and the baby will be whisked to Buckingham Palace, most likely under police escort. The notice of the birth will then be placed at the Palace central gates of Buckingham Palace, but the name of the child may not be announced immediately.

As for what that name will be, we suspect it may be a more traditional choice than the other high profile couple whose new baby name has everyone talking.

By Lucy Hancock

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