Pregnant Fearne Cotton ‘Pelted With Toffees’ On Halloween

Fearne Cotton has described the moment that she was attacked with toffees by rogue trick or treaters on Halloween this week.

Despite being pregnant, some children who were extremeley keen to get their mitts Fearne’s sweets, decided to retaliate and throw them back at her.

Yesterday, the Radio 1 presenter explained the incident on her show, telling listeners: “At about 8.30pm, the doorbell went for the last time and I answered; there were three little kids there.

“The first kid said to me, ‘Have you got any money?’ and I said, ‘No, you can have a sweet’. The oldest kid took a big handful of sweets and walked back down the path. 

“As the other two little kids took sweets for themselves, the older kid shouts, ‘I don’t like these ones’ and starts throwing toffees at my face.”

She added: “Usually I’m quite feisty and would go, ‘Excuse me, get out of here’, but I was so shocked I just stood there looking at him getting pelted with toffees. This morning there was a debris of sweets everywhere in my front garden.”

Not cool, kids. 

Pregnant Fearne has also responded to rumours that she’s expecting a baby girl after she was heard referring to her bump as “her”. 

What an eventful week! RM