So *This* Is What Popstars’ Darius Is Up To These Days

If you were alive during 2001, we’ve got a treat for your eyes and ears.

Yup, we’re sure you’ll remember Darius from Popstars (because, ‘Hit Me Baby One More…. Ti-ii-ii-ii-iiiime‘). 

We’ve been reminded of his amazing audition tape, and we’ve basically been watching this piece of YouTube history on repeat for the entire afternoon.

We’re not even sorry.


Sure, he’s carved out a name for himself in the celebrity sphere since that moment, with a stint on Pop Idol and later releasing hits Colourblind and Rushes.

But now, it’s his love life that’s making headlines.

Well, he did always SAY he was going to be a star, didn’t he?

Darius is looking a little more slick these days… 


Anyway, he’s come a long way since his finger-clicking entrance into the world of showbiz, and now it looks like he’s dating a rather famous lady.

The pair first sparked rumours that they were dating when they were reportedly spotted together a few weeks back, and now Darius and… *drum roll*… Daisy Lowe appear to have confirmed it by going for a romantic dog walk together.

Aw, bless.

Darius performed Rushes on CD:UK


These days, Darius goes by the name of Darius Campbell. And he’s also kept his locks short, and seems to have decided that the goatee beard really wasn’t working for him.

But if there’s one thing we ARE holding out for, it’s more of those noughties dance moves.

Click. Click.