The Important Reason Why These Men Are Painting Their Nails

There’s a new social media trend sweeping the internet, and this one is a campaign that’s in support of a very moving and important cause.

Men all over the globe are painting one of their fingernails and posting the results on social media. Why? To raise awareness about the tragic statistic that one in five children will experience a form of physical or sexual abuse before they reach the age of 18.

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The accompanying hashtag, #polishedman, has helped the campaign to go completely viral. Oh, the power of Instagram.

The campaign was first sparked when Elliot Costello, the CEO of Australian-based nonprofit YGAP, met a young girl called Thea whilst on a charity trip in Cambodia.

They spent a day together, where they played games and she painted his nails. Afterwards, Elliot found out Thea’s heartbreaking story – she had been abused every day at her orphanage.


This fuelled the campaign, asking men from every part of the world to show solidarity in a quest to raise awareness of the terrifying statistic linked to child abuse.

YGAP’s Polished Man campaign runs until October 15th, and thanks to the reach of social media, it has taken on a complete life of its own.

The company’s website claims that 90% of sexual violence committed against children is by men, and explains the motivation behind the movement: ‘Being a Polished Man means challenging violent behaviour and language, both locally and globally.

‘We hope that as the campaign progresses each year, men will lead a change in the conversation about what it means to be a man – including leadership, mateship and courage that serves to help, not harm.’

By Laura Jane Turner