We’ve Empowered Plus-Size Women, Now What About The Guys?

There’s been a call for an empowering movement for plus size men, but is it needed? Two guys debate…


“Yes – Bullying Overweight Men Is Still Seen As Acceptable”

says the MD of BigDudeClothing.co.uk Darrell Freeman who is calling for the movement…

I’ve been to football matches where I’ve seen a stadium full of guys single out an overweight man and chant at him. And who can forget Dancing Man? He was just having a nice time and was filmed for daring to dance even though he was overweight. There’s no doubt about it: fat shaming men is still very much the norm.

And that has to change. Our customers are still so ashamed to be seen shopping at a special store for plus sized men – some so much so that they ask for special packaging.

It’s not the same for women – there are now plus-sized fashion bloggers, high street stores and women are encouraged to celebrate their natural figures. So why isn’t it the same for men? It would make us feel so much better about ourselves if it was OK to embrace our bigger frames and wear fashionable clothes from the high street – men suffer from the pressures to lose weight and match up to a certain body ideal too and it’s time to change that.


“We Should Empower Doctors First”

argues Martin Daubney, a journalist and broadcaster specializing in men’s issues…

While nobody should be abused or bullied because of their weight or appearance, to somehow suggest that overweight guys need to be ‘empowered’ is not only ridiculous, it is potentially deadly.

According to the NHS chief executive, obesity is “the new smoking”. It costs the NHS £6 billion per year as well as £16 billion to the wider economy through sickness.  What we actually need to do is empower GPs to have frank conversations with men– that obesity can and does kill.

Body weight has been made into a politically-charged issue where pointing out that somebody is overweight is branded as “fat shaming”. But meanwhile, The World Health Organisation predicts that ¾ of British men will be overweight by 2030 so surely the solution isn’t to mollycoddle men with sugar-coated messages of “empowerment”.

These men need to be fed a portion of the truth – no matter how hard that is to swallow. And that is, if overweight men are to be empowered, they should be empowered to lose weight, not bury the issue under denial and super-sized clothing.