Planet Earth 2 Producers Are Forced To Defend One ‘Brutal’ Scene

The documentary show found itself under fire after broadcasting a particularly shocking scene this week...

It’s no secret that the nation loves Planet Earth 2.

The second series of the ah-mazing nature documentary started this month, and it is already – and unsurprisingly – a hit.

Yup, the gorgeous show has captured the hearts of the nation with it’s stunning visuals and heart-wrenching stories, unfolding before our eyes from the natural world.

While many of the experiences shown are heart-warming or humorous, some are sad and show the harsh realities of nature.

In Sunday’s episode, viewers saw David Attenborough narrate a scene featuring snow leopards. It seemed to show a female leopard being raped while trying to protect her baby cub.

Of course, it made for pretty harrowing viewing.

Producers of the show, Elizabeth White and Chadden Hunter, appeared on This Morning and found themselves having to defend the scene after some viewers criticised it.

The producers explained the documentary is meant to present accurate accounts of encounters that happen in nature, and they are not comfortable censoring the way the natural world works.

Discussing it with the producers, Phillip Schofield commented, ‘Nature is brutal,

‘It surprises me that people are surprised. You can be outraged by anything. Now people are outraged that nature is happening – what do you say to that?’

To which Elizabeth replied, ‘It is frustrating,

‘Because people should have a better understanding of the natural world.

‘We set that up and show it. You can’t hide from the reality of animal behaviour.

‘It’s instinct and that’s all we can portray, really.’

Chadden added: ‘We take viewers on a very emotional journey. We’re trying to compete with Game of Thrones [and] we give the viewer comedy, courtship, romance… the first ever footage of snow leopards mating was an incredible thing to film.

‘As adults, we get more squeamish. It’s part of the film-making journey that we want to take people on.’

We totally understand that the makers of the show can’t interrupt the way these events fold organically, but that’s what many people love about Planet Earth 2 – that it shows the raw and very real side of nature.

Many viewers tweeted their thoughts after watching the interview…

By Catherine Delves