Pippa Middleton Celebrates 30th Birthday Today!

Pippa Middleton best get her bottom-hugging glad rags on ready for tonight because we’re guessing boyfriend Nico Jackson will be wining and dining his rumoured fiancé as she celebrates her 30th birthday today.

Kate Middleton‘s baby sister and her stockbroker love, who reportedly got secretly engaged almost 3 months ago, will no doubt be hitting up one of London’s posh hotspots to party in style as Pip hits the big 3-0! 

That’s unless mum Carole Middleton already has something in store for her youngest daughter – a huge royal bash, perhaps? Well, the glam grandma does own a party planning business. We’re imagining Prince Harry hanging off the Middleton’s chandeliers as he pours champagne over herds of Kensington’s movers and shakers whilst Kate and Wills have a boogie, baby monitors in hand. 

Whether it’s a low-key family affair, a raucous royal bash or a gushy romantic love-in, we’ll be sure to keep a beady eye on how this glossy-maned lady and her relatives celebrate the special day.

And seeing as our invite got lost in the post (ahem), we’ll be toasting Pippa’s 30th with a glass of bubbly and a good old ogle at her chic high-street wardrobe in the hope that on our birthdays, we’ll get bags full of Zara must-haves and maybe an engagement ring. That’s not too much to ask for, right?

Happy Birthday Pips!

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By Claire Blackmore

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