The Problem With Kate Being Bridesmaid For Pippa Middleton

Rumour has it, the Duchess of Cambridge might *not* be bridesmaid at her sister's 2017 wedding...

With Pippa Middleton’s wedding to James Matthew coming up, there’s only one question on most women’s lips – who will be bridesmaid?!

Well, if you were there thinking sister Kate had the gig in the bag, you might want to think again  – because apparently, it’s not looking likely.

Yep, despite the fact that Pippa was Kate’s bridesmaid back at Kate and Prince William’s beautiful royal nutpials, she might not be returning the favour for her own wedding.

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kate middleton wedding pippa bridesmaid

Pippa was famously sister Kate’s bridesmaid at her royal wedding

Due to Kate’s royal status, it would actually be going against tradition if Kate were to walk Pipppa up that aisle.

But we, along with many others, are still holding out hope.

‘I’m sure Kate will want to be a bridesmaid, as her and Pippa are so close. I really do hope they break tradition’, Jennie Bond told OK!

‘From what I know of Kate, she is a decent, loving sister and she’ll want to make absolutely sure it’s very much Pippa’s big day, so she will want to cling to normality – but that’s hard when you’re the Duchess of Cambridge!’

pippa middleton james matthews

Pippa and James Matthews got engaged last week

Others are claiming that Pippa might be reluctant to have the future Queen as her bridesmaid, for fear of her upstaging the bride. Hmm. We’re sure that’s the last thing that will be on her mind on her happy day, TBH.

When Pippa and James announced their engagement last week, a spokesperson for William and Kate said: ‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are absolutely delighted with the news.’

Aw. Bring on the 2017 wedding!