PICS: Made In Chelsea Season 6 Behind-The-Scenes!

Made In Chelsea Season 6 filming is now well underway, and we’ve been checking out what’s been going down behind-the-scenes with those SW3 scandal-magnets…

First up, we’re happy to report that Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing have officially rekindled their friendship flame again after last season’s hot tub-gate. In fact, they can’t seem to get enough of each other on and off set – Lucy was papped during filming by best mate Binky Felstead nursing a fragile-looking Laing curled up in the foetal position in her lap.

and her little bambino , posted Binks on Instagram. One too many lunchtime Bluebird Bloody Marys with Francis and Pruders, eh biscuit boy?

But it seems Watson’s got some competiton when it comes to landing the spot of Jamie’s best gal pal – Lucy’s arch nemesis and girl beef sparring partner Phoebe Lettice-Thompson has also been cosying up Season 6’s most in-demand man. “Monday morning filming with the Laing in my Wang”, she posted while pouting next to her fave flirting partner. Tara (Jamie’s actual gf) may want to get herself down to that MIC set, pronto… 

Other goss to report is that Binky and her amazing mane are still looking incredible and have been bonding on set with relative newcomer Francesca Newman-Young for wild girls’ nights outs. Wonder if Franny and Mr. Tanny (aka. Ollie Locke) are still getting down and dirty?! We bet Binks knows…

And who can forget MIC’s resident bad boy Spencer Matthews, whose 25th birthday celebrations at London party spot Aura will no doubt fill up an entire next season eppy (or two). But until then, the cherubic-cheeked Stevie Johnson has been on hand to play Instagram-era man. “Birthday Pug @spencergeorgem“, posted Stevie with a behind-the-scenes snap of Spenny blowing out his candles.

Spencer’s new girlfriend Stephanie Pratt also had an AMAZINGLY awkward on-camera run-in with ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson while her and Spenny were filming earlier this week… Aye carumba! Season 6 is shaping up to be a goodun.

By Robyn Munson

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