So *This* Is Why Phillip Schofield Was MIA On This Morning

If you tuned in to watch This Morning yesterday, you might have noticed that there was one HUGE change.

Yup, something was missing. There was a big ol’ Phillip Schofield-shaped hole on the sofa. And it just didn’t feel the same.

Thankfully, Holly Willoughby was on hand to give us our daily fix of This Morning goodness. But this time, she was joined by Ben Shepherd.


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He was great and all, but we couldn’t help but wonder where our beloved Schofe had got to.

Holls was intent on keeping schtum about Phil’s whereabouts, saying only that it was ‘top secret’.

But after a lot of probing from Ben, she slipped up: ‘It’s by royal appointment’.

>Phil captioned this snap, ‘Size doesn’t matter’ – LOL

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Oooh. Scurry on over to Phil’s Instagram, and you’ll find snaps of him at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

He was acting as a carriage driver for the show, and seemed to be having a jolly old time of it.



The Queen also arrived at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on Sunday, ahead of her 90th birthday celebrations.

Hurry on back, Phil. You’re missed on the sofa…